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  1. Submit an Event to Visit Liberty, MO
  2. Each month, Visit Liberty features a few upcoming special events on its website. To be considered, please fill out the form below.
  3. Any content posted on the Visit Liberty website, may NOT contain any of the following material or information:
    • Direct conflicts with the City of Liberty’s employee handbook and policies in relation to discrimination, sexual harassment, endorsement or improper conduct
    • Promotion of the sale or consumption of tobacco products or depiction of the use of tobacco products
    • Commentary, advocacy or promotion of issues
    • Promotion of political candidates or campaigns
    • Promotion or commentary involving negative or personal attacks against individuals or organizations or which is contrary to existing laws or promoting illegal activity
    • Promotion of gambling, betting, or games of chance, in name, likeness or implication or promotion of establishments providing such services or activities of a related nature
    • Depiction in any form of nudity or semi-nudity, profanity, obscenity, or lewdness or characterizations which suggest, depict or promote any such element or sexually oriented products, activities, or materials as measured by a reasonable community standard
    • Promotion in any form of illegal drugs, illegal drug use or illegal drug materials or characterizations which suggest or depict the promotion or glorification of any such products, activities or materials
    • Promotion of the use or sale of firearms, explosives or other weapons, or the depiction, suggestion or glorification of violence or acts of a violent nature
    • Use of language or descriptive material which taken in form and context is deemed to be unsuitable for and contrary to community standards or standards of appropriateness for governmental or family publications, communications, and/or audiences
    • Use of words, language, representations or descriptive material of any kind having more than one meaning or connotation, one of which would otherwise be prohibited under this policy
    • Inclusion of materials, depictions, promotions or offerings which are the type prohibited or by their nature would violate any postal restrictions or regulations or any federal, state, or local law, rule or regulation.

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