Museums / Historical Sites


Clay County Archives & Historical Library

The Clay County Archives and Historical Library procures, preserves, restores, studies and promotes manuscripts, instruments, records, characters, evidence and documents of a public or private nature that may have statistical, legal or historical significance to Clay County, Missouri, its government or residents.

Clay County Museum & Historical Society

Honoring the past, living in the present and preparing for the future. The Clay County Museum has rotating galleries of various historical artifacts relating to Clay County, Missouri.

Garrison Cultural Center

The Clay County African American Legacy, Inc. was founded in 2000 during the Kansas City 150th annual "Celebration of the Heart." The primary focus of the organization is improving the quality of life for citizens by educating adults, and especially youth, of the cultural diversity that exists in the Northland.

Liberty Jail Historic Site

Visit the Historic Liberty Jail where the Mormon Prophet Joseph Smith spent approximately five months awaiting trial.

Jesse James Bank Museum

The Jesse James Bank Museum was the site of the nation's first successful daylight peacetime bank robbery.

Mt. Memorial Cemetery

Learn about the history of "The Old Graveyard" where some of Liberty's most famous residents are buried.